The Forged Apple Employee Badge: Amazing post by Cabel about the fake Apple Employee Badge sold online recently.

Pocketforge: Companion app for playing Ironsworn and Ironsworn: Starforged.

Under the Radar: Another great podcast about indie software development with Marco Arment and David Smith.

Core Intuition: Great podcast about indie software development with Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece.

Twenty Thousand Hertz: This show battles 99% Invisible for the top position. It’s a great podcast about the world of sound.

99% Invisible: Every now and then, I go through my list of podcasts to do some cleanup. No matter how many times I do that, 99% Invisible always stays. It’s my favorite show.

Atoms to Austronauts: These notebooks look awesome. I wish I had room for more stationery at home.

Thoughts about code comments: Really nice article from Eric Gregorich about code comments.

Barbaras Rhubarb Bar: Will I gain citizenship if I manage to sing this without making any mistakes?

Pair Programming, TDD, and Rotation: For about three years, I had the opportunity to work in the most interesting setup I have ever encountered in my professional career. In this article, I describe the setup and its benefits.

A Tale of Two Interfaces: I love this review from 2006 of the first app I wrote for Mac OS X, QuickSynergy. It’s all about UX and UI Design.

Os erros de Elon Musk que ninguém comenta: This video about Elon Musk’s failures, which are rarely mentioned, is excellent. Unfortunately, there are no captions/subtitles available except in Portuguese.

Feedbin: My favorite RSS service for a long time. When I’m on the computer, I use the website, and when on mobile, the Reeder application. It integrates with Instapaper to save articles for later.

Instapaper: No matter how many times I try different apps, I keep coming back to Instapaper.

Dungeon World: Tabletop RPG that combines classic fantasy with modern rules. It is built on the PbtA engine and emphasizes narrative gameplay, encouraging players to create rich stories through their actions.

MÖRK BORG: Apocalyptic fantasy RPG characterized by its bleak setting and minimalist design. It stands out for its stark, impactful art and streamlined rules that promote fast-paced and grim gameplay.

Ironsworn: Tabletop RPG designed for solo, co-op, and guided play. Set in a dark fantasy world, players make vows and embark on quests that drive the narrative forward. The game is known for its robust mechanics that support storytelling.

Fork: Great Git client for macOS, built by a family of software developers. They started working on it on their free time and now it’s their full time job. It’s a great application.

One Player, Many Worlds: A new blog where I share notes from my solo RPG sessions.

Micro.publish: The official home of Micro.publish, my Obsidian Plugin for publishing notes as posts or pages on